#reconnect15 Breda edition: this is what happened

Sharp content, an expert panel and enthusiastic marketing colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere. Selligent kept its promise in Breda! What's inspiring digital engagement ? Participants shared their thoughts on Twitter, here are a few highlights.


  1. When Selligent get its community together, they do it well. Clients and partners reconnected in Paris and Breda. In Breda, the Chassé Theater gathered more than 250 partipants on March 10.
  2. The team is ready, partners are in place, early birds are tweeting their first impressions whilst sipping their coffee. Reconnect 15 is about to start!
  3. Hans Scheffer officially launched the Breda edition of Reconnect 15...
  4. ... assisted by a team of creative entertainers to interact with the crowd all day long, picking up impressions on the speeches, singing, improvising... Situation humor at its best.
  5. "The market is now following what we have been building within the years" -

    André Lejeune, CEO Selligent

  6. The tone is set, this get-together event is about vision! CEO André Lejeune welcomed his guests with a glimpse of what #Reconnect15 is about: look together in the same direction to achieve more.
  7. Selligent is going global, the solutions are focused on accessibility, user experience and mobility. What to expect ? New partnerships, a growing team, a certification program and new events. Exciting times are coming!