OUR Walmart Breaking Through in Bentonville with Solutions to #walmartproblems!


  1. The Biggest #WalmartProblem is Poverty Pay

  2. Since its founding, the giant retailer has been underpaying and disrespecting workers — paying poverty wages and retaliating harshly when workers were courageous enough to stand up and fight back.
  3. Walmart workers have been standing up and calling for change. This year over 1 million workers got a raise when Walmart started listening raised base pay to $10 an hour.
  4. #OURWalmartSolution:

    Walmart’s wages still aren’t livable: going to $10 for its lowest paid workers still does not provide enough income to support the basic needs of a single adult working Walmart’s full-time schedule of 34 hours per week in any state in the country.
  5. This week, Walmart workers shared their stories on why $10 is not enough.

  6. An employee making $10/hour, working a full time 34 hour work week, will make just $17,680 a year.
  7. #OURWalmartSolution:If Walmart raised employee pay to $15 an hour, a worker with a full time schedule of 40 hours a week could make $31,200 a year-- enough to take care of their families.

  8. Workers in 1,000 stores in all 50 states joined the Call for Change calling for Walmart to pay $15 an hour with full-time hours and an end to retaliation.

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  10. Low pay, lack of hours and understaffing are also impacting customers in our stores.

  11. We asked Walmart workers and customers across the country to share the problems they see and their ideas on how to fix them.
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  13. Walmart associates shared pictures showing how understaffing leads to long lines and empty shelves.
  14. All this contributes to customers' dissatisfaction and tarnishing the Walmart brand. Customers join in sharing their discontent about inadequate staffing and low inventories via #WalmartProblems.