#OSFEST16 Day 3

We are getting to the end of OuiShare Fest Paris 2016. We've had the opportunity to share three inspiring and fruitful days allowing us to reflect on our present and to better understand our contribution to the the future we are building together. However, social transformation starts at an individual level -within you, me and everyone else. This is #OSFEST16 Day 3.


  1. There had been lots of questions feeding the debates and conversations in the last few days. Yesterday, it was this one that attracted all the attention: What does work in the post-industrial era hold for us?
  2. That took us to a second question: Who does this depend on? Companies, governments, trade unions? Maybe just ourselves? It's all about people, skills, wishes and beliefs.
  3. So we decided to put all our learnings into practice and... enjoy people!
  4. The day came to an end with an indescribably closing that left us all delighted and speechless.
  5. Definitely, #OSFEST16 has given us a lot to celebrate! #OuiShareLove4
  6. And we can't just thank you all for joining us (in Paris and even online) and making it possible!