DIY Paper Lady Bugs

Discover how to create the cutest. Lady bugs for your little one.

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  1. Diy honeycomb ladybugs for a little lady's birthday

    We love a little ladybug theme for a little girl's birthday party, and this decor DIY is sure to make guests smile! Our DIY honeycomb ladybugs, crafted out of construction paper and red honeycomb balls, are so easy to make.

  2. Materials:

    1½" circle punchCircle cutterScissorsBlack construction paper12" red honeycomb balls8" red honeycomb ballsHot glue gun

    Step 1: Use circle punch to make circles out of black construction paper. (You can also do this by hand with scissors, but a punch will save you time.) We used 5 spots for our 8" honeycomb, and 7 spots for our 12" honeycomb.

    Step 2: On a safe cutting surface, use circle cutter to make a 4" circle for an 8" honeycomb ball, and a 5½" circle for a 12" honeycomb ball. 

    Step 3: Make antennae that are 2" long and ¼" wide for an 8" honeycomb ball, and 2" long and ½" wide for a 12" honeycomb ball.

    Step 4: Use hot glue gun to affix circles on antennae and then to ladybug's head. 

    Step 5: Glue head to honeycomb and affix spots on honeycomb ball.