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Christian Community Day 2016!

Every year, the OCSB community gathers together on Christian Community Day to give thanks, reflect, and get inspired. It's always an amazing and memorable day - everyone leaves with a little more love in their hearts than they arrived with.


  1. This year, at a packed Shaw Centre, there was an abundance of singing, dancing, worship, hugs, smiles, and friendly faces. You couldn't help but have a good time.
  2. This year's highlight was the incredibly powerful and inspiring story of Steve Pemberton. His profound message brought the Board's spiritual theme to life - and deeply moved everyone present.
  3. Christian Community Day is always a time for giving thanks.
  4. All in all, Christian Community Day 2016 was a resounding success thanks to each and every member of the our incredible OCSB family. We are all truly blessed to be a part of such a caring, thoughtful, loving, and uplifting community. We're already looking forward to next year!