Tweet Jam - Authentication: Stronger or More Often?

Mike Neuenschwander hosts the first ever tweet jam on @OracleIDM to discuss Authentication trends and predictions for 2013.

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  1. Most in the industry agreed that while passwords weren't an optimal solution (Mat Honan hack was cited a few times), it will be a LONG time before we get completely rid of those. Biometrics still continue to be an expensive mode of authentication and risk based authentication is yet to become mainstream (Dave believes, though, that 2013 might be the year when risk-based authentication takes off). There was talk of industry standards and how 2012 saw OAuth2, IDESG got rolling with NSTIC. And of course, there was talk of social and mobile directing authentication trends and the move towards BYOD and BYOT (token). Dan Miller suggested that Mobile and BYOD means Authenticating users (and not just devices) is much more important. Here is a sampling of tweets in response to the trends question: