The Opentrips Cilento Cookbook Trip

From March 29 to April 4, sixteen people met for an Opentrips-organised trip to San Marco di Castellabate in the Cilento region of Southern Italy. The aim? To write a cookbook within six days. Here's what we did, and crucially, ate, during that week.

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  1. If you organise a trip to a region near Naples, this is inevitably going to happen. Not arguing with that approach, either. And obviously, not everything goes smoothly all the time. But, y'know, friends in high places.
  2. In the end, we all made it. Salve Cilento!
  3. But let's get cooking.
  4. Ingredients in Cilento: Locally available, and quite often for free. Like these sea urchins. It also proved impossible to buy herbs. They just grow too well, so we ended up using what we could pick in the wild.
  5. Speaking of ingredients: Here's a cedro. Not a melon. A citrus fruit. Luckily the pith is the good bit.
  6. And puntarelle. Seasonal treat. Some things are so tasty, it's hard to take a picture before the wolves descend.
  7. rooftop puntarelle - delicious & almost eaten up. #cookbooktrip
    rooftop puntarelle - delicious & almost eaten up. #cookbooktrip
  8. But let us not forget drinks. Of course we visited local winery San Giovanni, with some of the most beautiful vineyards I've ever seen.
  9. Mario, the winemaker, has also built himself a room overlooking the vineyards, where he plays the grand piano. Mario's a jazz man. Not surprised. But in case a real sharpener was needed, Hotel Antonietta's director Gianfranco happily stepped in.
  10. Mojito Cilentano - Gian Franco Style!
    Mojito Cilentano - Gian Franco Style!
  11. Really, for a very focussed book production week our drinking game was very respectable.
  12. Time for a drink, in case you were unsure. #cookbooktrip
    Time for a drink, in case you were unsure. #cookbooktrip
  13. One of the key products of the region comes from these guys, by the way.
  14. Blue-eyed buffalo in the sun...
    Blue-eyed buffalo in the sun...
  15. And in case you find a picture of a woman happier with her mozzarella purchase, please let me know. 
  16. The last few days, however, were a bit more serious. Would we get a book together?