Miami tweets voice frustration over cancelled food truck fest

Twitter and Facebook exploded with comments as people found out that the food truck roundup at Second Saturdays Art Walk, a staple of the monthly event, will not take place this Saturday.


  1. Food truck owners were first to react.
  2. Local food blogger Burger Beast suggested Knoefler might not have had the best intentions when he contacted the City of Miami about the permits for the event. 
  3. Perhaps coincidentally, Grand Central Park, a pop-up park in downtown that Knoefler's organization runs, is hosting its own food truck roundup on Friday, March 9, one day before the Wynwood event.
  4. Angered food truck owners dedicated a hashtag to Knoefler:
  5. People questioned Knoefler's intentions and stated rationale.
  6. Others were just sad that they'll have to wait another month for the Art Walk food truck roundup.