Ask My Kids February 2014

Questions and answers with my boys from February 2014

  1. What should I do to get Zoe to sleep longer at night?
  2. Should children be punished at home for bad behavior in school or should the punishment be given in school?
  3. I'm working on bracelets now. What should I work on next? Necklaces, rings or earrings?
  4. Thanks for these awesome questions. The boys are at school right now (TG!) and I will ask my kids when they get home!
  5. Ok I've got a deep one. How many times do you allow the same friend to hurt your feelings before giving up on the friendship? When do you know that it's time to let go of a friend?
  6. I am very eager to hear what my boys say to these questions. Thank you all so much for sharing your thoughts with us and giving my boys the chance to help others and see things from someone else's perspective!
  7. Sandra - Aidan says rub her back.
  8. Rebecca - Aidan says no. Just at school.
  9. Allison - Aidan says get a new friend. Or say please stop.
  10. Yup that seems to be the general consensus - thanks Aidan :)
  11. Rebecca - Dylan says no because home is nicer than school. Michael says no because you don't need to be punished a second time. "Detention at school and a time out at home is too much." Dylan says if they keep messing up they stay out of school until they learn.
  12. Eileen - the big boys say rings. And then they say "my precious!"
  13. Haha thanks! Will do :) I can multitask!
  14. Allison - Michael says keep trying forever. Dylan says a friend hurt his feelings 10 or 12 times and Dylan keeps forgiving him. He thinks you can keep your friend a long time more.
  15. Got another. When your husband comes home from work on a snow day and you hear him mumble, "this house is a disaster" do you get mad or ignore him? ;)
  16. Rebecca - both older boys say "ignore" even though they think you're not a maid and it was rude to say.
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