Holacracy at Zappos – in the News


  1. In November 2013, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh announced to all Zappos employees that the company would be adopting a new organizational structure: Holacracy. During about two months, it went unnoticed. And then, journalist and writer Aimee Groth publishes an article in Quartz. 
  2. December 30, 2013

  3. The Quartz article starts everything. From then on, multiple news media report more or less accurately on this new "Holacracy thing"
  4. December 31, 2013

  5. January 2, 2014

  6. Radio interview with Quartz journalist Aimee Groth who launched the story, and with a scholar who comments on Holacracy – or more accurately, he comments on other "flat" management models. 
  7. January 3, 2014

  8. Two segments on national TV about Holacracy – that's a first! Alexis Gonzales-Black from Zappos speaks masterfully to Fox News (1st video), and Zappos' John Bunch talk to CNN about the Holacracy adoption that he's leading (2nd video).
  9. Zappos embraces "Holacracy"
  10. January 4, 2014

  11. From reading articles and reactions on the tweeterverse, at HolacracyOne we noticed several misunderstandings about Holacracy getting repeated. Lex (@h1alexia) took it on her to write a blog post about those misconceptions.
  12. To be fair, Holacracy isn't easy to grasp at first sight. It's a paradigm shift, and questions from Twitter are hard to answer because they almost always require to reframe the question. Lex nails how it feels.
  13. January 6, 2014