Local Growth in an Era of Fiscal Devolution

The 2016/17 Local Government Finance Bill means a move to 100% rates retention, Property Owner BIDs and Local Growth Zones for high streets in England. This event explored what this means for economic development.


  1. This joint ATCM/IPM event was kindly hosted by the Manchester Metropolitan University.
  2. The event coincided with the tabling of the Local Government Finance Bill just one week before. This Bill includes 100% business rates retention, the extension of Property Owner BIDs outside of London, Local Growth Zones for high streets and the infrastrcuture levy for Mayors.
  3. We got top notch contributors to the event from different fields. The event brought together, Councils, BIDs, policy-makers, academics, retail property owners and a video message from the Shadow Minister for Local Government and Devolution.
  4. Delegates turned up in large numbers and tuned in to the excellent content.
  5. ATCM provided an overview, outlining why Local Government Finance matters to our industry.
  6. Nick Cooper, a leading architect behind the rates reform, provided excellent insight into the mechanisms being put in place.