10 things Dairy Queen's CEO shared at #MarketingDay

John Gainor, president and CEO of International Dairy Queen, Inc., joined #BusinessBobcats Thurs., Mar. 17 for #MarketingDay.


  1. 1. "Fans" aren't just customers. They're anyone an organization serves, according to Gainor. For Dairy Queen, that includes in-store employees, corporate employees, customers, and of course, Gainor himself.
  2. 2. Fans should determine and drive a company's success. That's why Gainor and his team spend so much time researching fan opinions and incorporating them into product development and marketing efforts.
  3. 3. Case in point: DQ Bakes! was created to address fan preferences.
  4. 4. As social media becomes more ingrained in everyday culture, fans not only want to interact with brands in stores, but also online.
  5. 5. In terms of professional growth, diversify your skill set. While you'll need marketing skills, you also need management skills, and leadership skills, and a base knowledge of finances...the list goes on and on.
  6. 6. And, diversify your product line.
  7. 7. Don't afraid to be creative. It usually pays off.
  8. 8. Keep an mind open about where your career path might lead you.
  9. 9. Find your passion. As Gainor said, "It's very important that you don't want work to be work. It has to be find something that you can enjoy. And if you find that, you can build a great career and enjoy what you're doing."
  10. 10. You should always be networking and interacting with your fans -- including these #BusinessBobcats