What would you like Buckeye student and alumni veterans to know?


  1. Even while serving...How firm thy friendship! Go Bucks!
  2. We HONOR their service to our Country and thank them for the incredible sacrifices they make.
  3. Perseverance and commitment are the keys to success in both military service and educating oneself. Obviously you have both! Go Bucks!
  4. No matter where you are; who you are; or what you experience during your time or connection to the military, you will always have someone to talk to if/when you get down or if life seems to be tough. Reaching out to talk to someone isn't a weakness, it means we're human! #RunDownTheDemons #BuckeyesLeadTheWay
  5. Proud to be an Air Force and Ohio State alum!!
  6. Go Bucks!! Be safe!! Thanks to all U.S. Servicemen and Servicewomen across the globe!!
  7. Thank you all for your service to our country! Go Bucks!!!
  8. When our son was deployed to Afghanistan, Coach Luke Fickel sent a Christmas package of an American flag signed by our beloved Buckeyes. Coach Fickel is a born winner!
  9. Thank you for your service, stay Buckeye Strong! We Love you!
  10. I attended OSU in the 70's & early 80's, and I recall walking to early classes near the ROTC building on many a morning, and seeing the Cadets assembled and marching. The Cadets were always orderly and respectful then, and I have no doubt that tradition continues to this day! Hooah Cadets, and thank you for your contributions to the USA.
  11. Thank you for your service! Nice to see Buckeyes improving the world in medicine, engineering, business and national security! Go Bucks!
  12. To Current service members and fellow veterans, Thank you all for your service and sacrifice.
  13. Thank you for your service! Thank you for the sacrifices your family and you made to serve and protect the U.S.' national security!
  14. We are thankful for your service and support you 100%. Go Bucks!!!