How has your Ohio State degree changed your life?


  1. Ohio State changed my life because I met some of my lifelong best friends here. And, being a #Buckeyealumni means that everywhere you go, no matter where you work, you will meet another Buckeye. You have a support system of hundreds of thousands because you are all a #Buckeyeforlife
  2. It's allowed me to start achieving my career goals and networking beyond the imaginable. I have great pride for being an alum of such a reputable institution that is recognized everywhere I go. When I yell O-H-, I always get a loud and proud I-O!!!
  3. I'm forever a proud Buckeye! My Spanish degree has taken me far.
  4. I work for the greatest company in the world, and this degree got my foot in the door.
  5. My Ohio State degree has been the greatest launching pad. The degree opens so many doors, and the alumni network helps us make connections all around the world. I wouldn't be where if I am today without The Ohio State University.
  6. 20 years teaching to 20+ as an artist. Thank you Ohio State!
  7. It has allowed me to engage in intelligent conversation..with Michigan alumni!
  8. I was able to network with amazing and encouraging professors + classmates. My first job after college was thanks to a classmate who today happens to be one of my best friends. Then my OSU degree gave me long lasting friendships and a great job to pay my bills ;)