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Get the latest updates and information about the Land & Living Exhibit at the Ohio State Fair from Ohio Farm Bureau's State Fair Interns.

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  1. Sunday, August 4

  2. Today is the last day of the fair! Make sure to come out and see the Ag & Hort building before we close for the year! We will be closing at 6 PM today rather than our normal time of 9 PM. Beautiful weather and a steady crowd have made today a good ending to the state fair.Come test your skills out in the virtual tractor or just bring the family out for a picture on the farm! It's been a fairtastic 12 days! Hope to see you all next year!  
  3. One of our young fair goers asking mom if he can go just one more time! #ofbf #osf13
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  5. Saturday, August 3

  6. Only 2 days left here at the Ohio State fair! It's hard to believe that this is our last full day at the fair (tearing down tomorrow evening). Big thanks to one of our major sponsors of the Ag & Hort building as well as the fair, Ohio Soybean Council! Today is commemorated to them as "Soybean Day" here at the state fair. The fair is rolling along and our building is expecting a large crowd today and tomorrow even with the inclement weather. Make sure to come on out to the Ag & Hort building this weekend and see what all we have to offer! Thanks again to all of the OFBF staff and ambassadors for making this year's display go according to plan! 
  7. Professional dog walker here folks. #ofbf #osf13
  8. Loved getting to work the Ag is Cool booth in @ohiofarmbureau's Land of Living exhibit today! #osf13 #ofbf
  9. Wednesday, July 31

  10. Today has been a slower day here at the fair, but still moderately busy. We could not ask for any better weather than we have had so far. Big thanks to all of the OFBF staff that have came in and helped out this week! Anyways, today we had Ben Famous from Senator Sherrod Brown's office, Eric Kearney (Senate Minority Leader), and Kenny McDonald (Columbus 2020 CEO). As you can see there has been many special guests in the building today and we are very grateful for that! Quasar did a fantastic job on the Country Connection Stage with their anaerobic digester demonstration. Also on the stage today we had the Ohio Christmas Tree Association who demonstrated how to properly cut and trim a Christmas Tree. Only 4 days left of the fair, so be sure to come on out and stop by the Ag & Hort building before we close!! 
  11. Leader Kearney with Jefferson the dog and members of the Ohio Farm Bureau Ambassadors Program! #ofbf #osf13
  12. Several elements of my job represented in one photo. #osf13 #ofbf #ag #policy #communications #technology
  13. Tuesday, July 30

  14. Hard to believe that state fair is already half over.  Senate President Keith Faber and Lt. Governor Taylor visited the Ag & Hort building today.  They were able to interact with several of the ambassadors as well as many exhibitors in the building.  Ohio Grape Industries Committee presented today about Ohio wine basics.  Roger High was able to fill the seats when he showed how to shear a sheep.  Wilmington College was on stage again today to talk about Grow Food, Grow Hope program.
  15. by @dsrtwitt "Lt. Governor Taylor learning about Aquaponics at the Land & Living Exhibit. #ofbf #osf13" via @InstaReposts
  16. Lt. Governor Taylor learning about the aquaponics display in the Ag & Hort building.
  17. Senate President Keith Faber visits with members of the Ohio Farm Bureau today at the Ohio State Fair. Did you know agriculture is Ohio's biggest industry? #ofbf #osf13 #ohio
  18. Senate President Keith Faber visited the Ag & Hort building today and we were happy to host him. 
  19. Monday, July 29

  20. Today was the big day for the Joint House and Senate Agriculture Committee Hearing.  A huge success for Farm Bureau who was able to host on the Country Connections stage.  Several individuals from different industries of agriculture were able to testify and legislatures listened to each tentatively.