Ohio Statewide Education Conference 2012

Ohio’s Statewide Education Conference will empower Ohio educators to learn more about the many education reforms underway to help accelerate academic achievement and student readiness for college and careers. Real time interaction on social media will also be a key element of the event.


  1. Fall_Conference_Logo_OHIO
  2. Full video of breakout session with Sasheen Phillips on Ohio's Next Generation of Assessments.

  3. Ohio's Next Generation Assessments
  4. A complete guide to all speakers at the conference, including contact information and downloadable presentations where available.

  5. Full video: Roger W. Minier on BYO Technology: What Works and What Doesn't

  6. 1:1 and BYO Technology: What Works and What Doesn't?
  7. Third Grade Guarantee

  8. The Ohio Third Grade Reading Guarantee
  9. Ohio Student Learning Objective Process breakout session summary and tweets.
  10. Ohio's Student Learning Objective (SLO) Process
  11. Can Teacher Evaluation Improve Teaching? Encouraging New Research in Cincinnati