An Open Letter from College Presidents: Gun Safety Legislation

Presidents Lawrence M. Schall of Oglethorpe University and Elizabeth Kiss of Agnes Scott College, both in Atlanta, Ga., released an open letter on December 19, 2012 urging gun safety legislation. The letter is now co-signed by more than 360 college and university presidents from across the country.

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  5. Behind the scenes: College Presidents for Gun Safety
  6. Hundreds of college presidents call for tight gun control laws in letter to Obama  http://huff.to/UidCFk k
  7. Higher education publications

  8. More than 160 college presidents call for stricter gun laws:  http://chroni.cl/XPsWH2 WH2
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  12. As of Wednesday evening, more than 300 college and university Presidents have signed two letters, one written by...  http://fb.me/2tK5kJ8Yo Yo
  13. Atlanta media

  14. College presidents, including 10 from Ga., lobbying for tighter gun control laws.  http://bit.ly/RF3g3a 
  15. University presidents call for stricter gun-control laws - CBS Atlanta 46  http://www.cbsatlanta.com/story/20397075/unviversity-presidents-call-for-stricter-gun-control-laws#.UNRZYbdXVrM.twitter a.com/story/20397075/unviversity-presidents-call-for-stricter-gun-control-laws#.UNRZYbdXVrM.twitter
  16. Brookhaven: Oglethorpe University president calls for stricter gun-control laws -  http://bit.ly/12sxZSO O - Reporter Newspapers
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  19. College Presidents and hundreds of others have shown their support via their school's website and social media profiles. Some of the most notable mentions include:
  20. NRA says put guns in schools. Oglethorpe Univ prez says no thanks - and 300 of his peers sign letter agreeing with that #guncontrol
  21. President Fox is among the more than 160 presidents of colleges and universities from across the country who have signed an open letter regarding gun safety legislation.
  22. I'm proud to be part of a group of more than 170 college presidents speaking out for more sensible gun laws  http://bit.ly/R5HxQ9  #guncontrol
  23. President Durden has joined forces with other college and university presidents urging lawmakers to enact reasonable and rational gun safety measures. Read the open letter to the nation's leaders via the attached link. For more information, check out  http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2012/12/20/college-presidents-urge-obama-act-gun-violence-pledge-support 
  24. I joined 170 colleagues in signing. I encourage others to follow: … http://sforgunsafety.oglethorpe.wpengine.com .oglethorpe.wpengine.com
  25. Really proud of @OglethorpeUniv President Schall and his efforts here:  http://myownstormypetrelwords.wordpress.com/2012/12/19/open-letter-from-160-college-and-university-presidents/ treproudalumrdpress.com/2012/12/19/open-letter-from-160-college-and-university-presidents/ #proudalum
  26. Hollins President Nancy Oliver Gray is part of a coalition of more than 160 college and university presidents requesting "thoughtful and urgent action to ensure that current and future generations may live and learn in a country free from the threat of gun violence."
  27. President Creighton & Incoming President Weiss among college leaders who signed a letter urging action on gun control:  http://hav.to/lj 
  28. College and university presidents are working together to send a message to policy makers.  http://www.collegepresidentsforgunsafety.org esidentsforgunsafety.org
  29. Pres. Higdon & more than 160 other college & university presidents signed an open letter calling for stricter gun laws  http://bit.ly/UOBPj0 
  30. Assumption College President Francesco Cesareo is one of over 300 college/university presidents to have signed a letter today addressed to national policy leaders, including The White House, calling for gun safety legislation, in the wake of last week's school shootings in Newtown, Conn.
  31. College and university presidents call the nation to sanity and moral action on gun policy and violence  http://collegepresidentsforgunsafety.oglethorpe.wpengine.com/ entsforgunsafety.oglethorpe.wpengine.com/
  32. President Tom Rochon, along with hundreds of other college and university presidents, has signed a letter calling for more dialogue about gun violence. Read the story here. theithacan.org/29220
  33. Lafayette President, Daniel Weiss, signed the petition "College Presidents for Gun Safety: An Open Letter to Our Nation’s Policy Leaders" yesterday. The petition is in response to the 20 first graders and six educators who were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.
  34. Proud of my fellow @PennGSE higher ed EdD and @OglethorpeUniv prez Larry Schall. Presidents can, should, must lead!  http://bit.ly/RFYUbY 
  35. RT @MichaelS_Harris: Proud of my fellow @PennGSE higher ed EdD and @OglethorpeUniv prez Larry Schall. Presidents can, should, must lead! http://bit.ly/RFYUbY
  36. THANK YOU PRESIDENTS: More than 160 college and university presidents calling for gun control including closing...  http://fb.me/1c3fhp0jp jp
  37. Sensible letter from the president of my alma mater, very proud to tweet this #GunReform via @OglethorpeUniv |  http://collegepresidentsforgunsafety.oglethorpe.wpengine.com/ entsforgunsafety.oglethorpe.wpengine.com/
  38. THANK YOU PRESIDENTS: More than 160 college and university presidents calling for gun control including closing the gun show loophole  http://brookhaven.patch.com/articles/oglethorpe-president-leading-gun-control-effort 
  39. Hundreds Of College Presidents Call For Tight Gun Control Laws  http://dlvr.it/2gSvMM M via HuffPostCollegee
  40. My boss signed it - Oglethorpe President Calling For Gun Control Legislation - Brookhaven, GA Patch  http://brookhaven.patch.com/articles/oglethorpe-president-leading-gun-control-effort tch.com/articles/oglethorpe-president-leading-gun-control-effort
  41. College Student Media