Happy Oglethorpe Day 2013!

Oglethorpe Day is an annual celebration of Oglethorpe University's namesake and is a chance for the entire community to show its school spirit. Check out the photos, videos and comments below to relive it --- or to feel like you were right here on campus!

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  1. See scenes from throughout the day in this photo album:
  2. Watch the Petrels of Fire race and the procession to Conant Performing Arts Center---this year led by Atlanta's own Baton Bob!:
  3. Oglethorpe Day Festivities 2013
  4. Our very own President Schall delivered this year's Oglethorpe Day speech, titled, “Non nobis solum (not for ourselves alone): What is the Role of a University President in Liberal Society?” Watch it here:
  5. President Larry Schall's 2013 Oglethorpe Day Speech
  6. Alumni celebrated Oglethorpe Day around the globe! Check out photos from their gatherings in Boston, Dallas, Denver, London, Los Angeles, Raleigh, Tampa and Washington, D.C.:

  7. Oglethorpe Day Around the Globe
  8. Social media was all a-Twitter throughout Oglethorpe Day!
  9. It's Oglethorpe Day wherever you are! Especially for honorary Petrels who brought some fun or found some fun on campus. Nescit Cedere to you too Shannon & Keith & Tim & Chun & Diane & Brian & Trevor!
  10. Happy Oglethorpe Day! Please enjoy this video featuring our recent Oglethorpe Day Around the Globe events. Be sure to look carefully for your friends and a special little bird. The OU Library HIGHLY recommends! vimeo.com/59527571
  11. It's Oglethorpe Day. Nescit cedere, petrels.
  12. To all my fellow Stormy Petrels, Happy Oglethorpe Day! Nescit Cedere!
  13. Happy Oglethorpe Day! Wish I was there to celebrate and watch the Petrel's of Fire!