#obietwitterview: Future/Music/Innovation/ Music/Business/Music: Limits? What Limits?

On April 3, 2013, at 4:30 PM, Will Roane (@willroane), Social Media Coordinator for Oberlin Conservatory (@OberlinCon), interviewed four Obies — two current students, two alumni — about the future of music. Were all participants in the same room? Nope. This interview took place entirely on Twitter.

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  1. Check out the link above to familiarize yourself with Rafiq Bhatia, the genre-bending guitarist/composer who has received rave reviews from (just to name a few) The New York Times, The FADER, and IMPOSE.
  2. Visit composer Marek Poliks's website at the link above to wrap your head around what he calls 'Research Music.' Poliks is currently pursuing a PhD in composition at Harvard University. 
  3. Violist Carrie Frey is a prolific performer on the new music scene at Oberlin Conservatory, playing countless concerts, recitals on campus - not to mention multiple tours this year with her groups Chartreuse and deturtle
  4. Eastman Presser, also known as Steam Ship, pushes the boundaries of electronic composition, using sound to evoke not just emotion, but often intricate and highly articulated stories. Check out his SoundCloud to immerse yourself. 
  5. Only ten minutes until #obietwitterview! Hear Oberlin students and alumni Rafiq Bhatia, Marek Poliks, Carrie Frey, and Eastman Presser talk with us and each other about their work, the future of music, and maybe a few other surprises! Search #obietwitterview on Twitter, or follow @OberlinCon, @rafiqbhatia, @MarekPoliks, @stirfrey42, and @Steam_ship!
  6. #obietwitterview officially begins, marking 

                 the first 'Twitterview' ever conducted 

                                       by Oberlin College & Conservatory...