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Comcast & NBCUniversal stand up to bullying on GLAAD #SpiritDay 2013

Comcast and NBCUniversal are going purple this Thursday and getting the word out about Spirit Day to show support for LGBT youth and stand up against bullying. More:


  1. Late Wednesday night, hours before #SpiritDay had started, the exterior of the NYSE in New York City had been illuminated with purple!
  2. The CNBC International anchors showed off their purple early Thursday as the global markets opened around the world!
  3. On TODAY, Natalie, Savannah, Matt, Al, and many guests wore purple to show their support.
  4. There was tons of Spirit in the TODAY green room, where Will & Grace took a selfie wearing purple!
  5. From New York to Chicago, Miami to Philadelphia, anchors at all of NBCUniversal's Owned Stations sported purple ties and dresses as they reported the early morning news, weather and traffic.
  6. Our friends at New England Cable News are participating in #SpiritDay for the first time this year! We're so excited to see them in purple!
  7. NECN reporter Jack Thurston is sporting purple too, in the Burlington, Vermont bureau!