International Summit for Community Wireless Networks 2013: Berlin

The Story of a Summit #IS4CWN

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  1. Over 200 technologists, practitioners, organizers, and academics gathered in Berlin, Germany in October to present at and attend the 7th International Summit for Community Wireless Networks (IS4CWN).
  2. Co-hosted by local community wireless network Freifunk and the Open Technology Institute (OTI) at New America Foundation, the venue for the Summit was crashed-spaceship/renowned hackerspace c-base.
  3. This was one of the largest Summits yet -- building on great past Summits in Barcelona, Vienna, and elsewhere. 
  4. The Summit Hacklab bustled with impromptu/unconference sessions as well as presentations on pico satellites, local applications, and more. It was an important gathering spot for conversations and learning together.
  5. Routers for IS4CWN 2013 Commotion Network
    Routers for IS4CWN 2013 Commotion Network
  6. Of course everyone wanted to exhibit their wireless equipment, software, and setups... leading to some challenges with Wi-Fi access!
  7. The IS4CWN coincided with Freifunk's 10th anniversary, which was celebrated throughout the week, from a keynote session that looked at artifacts from the past, to celebratory events!
  8. An early Freifunk router hacked by volunteers for open access...