NPHW @ Ohio State

Ohio State joins the nation in celebrating National Public Health Week April 1-7. Communities across the U.S. observe NPHW as a time to recognize the contributions of public health and highlight issues that are important to improving our nation.

  1. Are you ready? Learn more at #NPHW #OhioState
    Are you ready? Learn more at #NPHW #OhioState
  2. Monday: Ensuring a Safe, Healthy Home for Your Family

  3. Our NPHW Pinterest board was full of safe, healthy home ideas, as well as ideas for all of the other daily themes. 
  4. National Public Health Week
    National Public Health Week
  5. CPH undergraduate ambassadors relieve stress during NPHW
  6. Tuesday: Providing a Safe Environment for Children at School

  7. What is Body Image? Find out today! #CunzHall #OhioState #CPHStudents #B4PH #NPHW
    What is Body Image? Find out today! #CunzHall #OhioState #CPHStudents #B4PH #NPHW
  8. Buckeyes 4 Public Health promote healthy body image
  9. Wednesday: Creating a Healthy Workplace

  10. NPHW SPHS and a healthy workplace
  11. Thursday: Protecting you While You're on the Move

  12. Safety While Getting Around
    Safety While Getting Around
  13. The Association of Future Healthcare Executives (AFHE) had a table with information on protecting you while you're on the move.
  14. Friday: Empowering a Healthy Community

  15. BSPH student blogger, Alexandria Tyson, writes on empowering a healthy community in honor of today's theme for NPHW.
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