Exploring nature - Spring 2017

As nature awakens, OPAL survey season is in full swing! Here are some of the great photos that our community of citizen scientists have shared with us so far.

  1. If you go down to the woods today... it's the perfect time to try an OPAL Tree Health survey.
  2. Some of our friends have been surveying their local pond for the OPAL Water Survey - so many tadpoles (and a few very impressive newts)!
  3. These citizen scientists delved into their local hedges as part of the OPAL Biodiversity Survey and found caterpillars, beetles, spiders and more.
  4. The gardeners amongst you will know that now is the time to start planting some beautiful wildflowers for pollinators.
  5. Air pollution has been in the news a lot lately. Did you know that lichen can be used as indicators of air quality? Let us know what lichens you find near you in the OPAL Air Survey.
  6. How cute is this shield bug spotted by OPAL Community Scientist Jo Dempster?
  7. Taken part in an OPAL survey? Take some photos and tag @OPALnature on Twitter or OPAL - Explore Nature on Facebook, or email to opal@imperial.ac.uk to feature in our next round up.
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