The Best of Day 1 of Open Knowledge Festival 2014 - 15th July #okfest14

Some of the key tweets from Day 1 of this year's Open Knowledge Festival, held in Berlin from 15th - 17th July 2014. Tweets are in chronological order, oldest first.


  1. 1800-2100 - Open Knowledge Fair
  2. Here's what's going on, when
  3. What's happening outside currently
  4. And what's on stage
  5. We've got presentations on the go already
  6. Participants are arriving at Kulturbrauerei
  7. These guys can make your pullover tweet for you. Yes, really!
  8. Get yourself a sticker
  9. One of the most talked-about gadgets in the open tech community is here - the BRCK - have a look at one at the Fair! Could be handy here as the wifi is a bit patchy at the moment.
  10. Sometimes someone makes an observation that's hard to answer. We probably shouldn't be using Storify either... :-/
  11. Preparation - until 1700
  12. Don't photograph the cameraman