How 'Food Trends' translate across the Globe

When we think of food trends we think of the funky sandwiches the food truck in the neighborhood is serving or what weird health craze is being featured on the 'Today Show' on a particular morning. But what about on a global scale?


  1. After a poor growing season, the prices of most all foods are inflating, but particularly grains. So much so that some poorer countries have to schedule 'food-free-days' to accommodate. Food trends are not just about fun and new foods, its also about how food is changing across the globe and how it trickles down to a local scale. 
  2. What is happening to help fix this crisis?
  3. Where this global crisis is really hitting home:

  4. Food is a security in our world… quite simply, we need it to survive. The only time we begin to notice these drastic changes is when the price of bread  and breakfast cereal on the grocery store shelf increases… by the time it hits our local grocery stores, ithas already had an incredible impact on the rest of the world. 
  5. It is amazing to think of the break-down in how food goes from being grown in a field to sitting on our plate and everything between. What we don't realize sometimes is how many uncontrollable factors can affect if it ever gets there… like the weather for instance. This drought in 2012 has uprooted the  lives of families in Chad and Yemen and many other places. It has caused families here in America to tighten their budges and change how they consume and prepare food. These are not nearly comparable but it shows the gap in how food affects us all and plays a role in our day to day lives, however big or small.