OECD Environmental Performance Review of Estonia - Media round-up

The Environmental Performance Review of Estonia was launched in Tallinn on 1 March 2017. Most of the discussion in the media focused on the priority identified in the report: the transition from oil shale. Other issues of interest included green taxation, forestry and waste.


  1. If you don't speak Estonian very well, use Chrome as a navigator, right-click on the page and choose "Translate to English" for a (rough, automated) translation.
  2. OECD press release
  3. Press release published by the Estonian ministry of the Environment: "The OECD recommends Estonia accelerates the transition to a low-carbon economy"
  4. News stories: a focus on oil shale

  5. "Aging oil shale industry is the main challenge for the Estonian environment" reports Eesti Päevaleht, Estonia's other leading daily. [paywall]
  6. The national news on ERR quote Environment Minister Marko Pomerants: "There is no doubt that oil shale is a huge burden on our environment, and consequently, we have the highest carbon intensity among OECD countries. This is a complex topic, accompanied by wider economic and social aspects, which is why we must act carefully. Such changes will not happen overnight." [rough automated translation]
  7. The report made the news of the private TV channel TV3: "Oil shale is the biggest threat for the environment in Estonia".
  8. The press release was copied into many newspapers, such as the weekly Pealinn.
  9. Local newspapers, such as Virumaa Teataja, highlighted the consequences of the oil shale industry on air quality and people's health.
  10. On 7 March, the results of an environmental impact assessment for the Hiiumaa offshore wind farm project in the North Sea were presented to the public.
    Environment Minister Marko Pomerants is quoted as he refers to the OECD report: "The recent OECD report also pointed out that the Estonian economy is the most carbon-intensive of OECD countries, and we should greatly accelerate the transition to a green economy. The Northwest Estonia offshore wind park project is very important to improve our energy production economically, environmentally and socially." [rough automated translation]
  11. Green taxation

  12. The leading daily Postimees relates forthcoming changes to the vehicle tax legislation to the related OECD recommendation.
  13. Forestry and waste

  14. The Science and Technology section of Postimees also reported on forestry and the measurement of intensity of forest exploitation...