ODDC at OKFest

The ODDC partners gathered in Berlin on the 14th and 15th July to share findings from their year-long research as well as plan for the future course of research and action.


  1. Group Photo - ODDC Research Network Workshop - Berlin
    Group Photo - ODDC Research Network Workshop - Berlin
  2. The meeting started with an ice-breaker with the aim to get to know about each other and one interesting and surprising finding from their research.
  3. It was followed by an 'Attitude-Finder' exercise, where participants were asked to give a sense check on a number of questions including the supply and demand driven aspects of data as well as post 2015 MDG agenda.
  4.  Tim Davies gave a quick and thorough insight into the emerging  research findings using the conceptual framework of 'Domino' and 'Ripple' effects of data driven engagement.
  5. Each project had meticulously prepared a poster highlighting the issues and findings from their research. For example: This one on Open Cities in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.
  6. Licensing issues  of open data were discussed at length during the meeting.
  7. Here is another beautiful poster on 'Open Data by Mediation', exploring the roles, practices and strategies by data intermediary organisations in India by HasGeek.
  8. The research delved into open data practices and information sharing through a sectoral lens too. One of those sectors was the very crucial energy sector. A snapshot of TERI's research is seen in this poster.
  9. The meeting then discussed some of the findings from some case studies presented by the researchers. Here are some key highlights.
  10. A more detailed synthesis of the #ODDC research findings can be found here.