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It’s A Mad World

BBC Three launched ‘It’s A Mad World’ season starting with ‘Don’t Call Me Crazy’ focussing on teenage patients over the weeks and months of inpatient treatment The McGuinness Unit in Manchester Did you watch it? What did you think?


  1. I have been watching this. I felt that some of the kids are treated rather too heavy-handedly. I find that uncomfortable viewing, especially when it involves restraining. Also, does it help to remove these young people from their families for so long?
  2. I thought it has been a good series and deals with the issues well. We sometimes forget that its not just adults that end up having to be in a mental health unit. A real insight and will hopefully help tackle some of the stigma of mental illness.
  3. I agree with Cathy and wish all youngsters with mental health problems lots of luck for the future.
  4. I have watched and thought it was an excellent truthful portrayal very distressing at times.
  5. I found it a bit hard to watch. I am and have dealt with mental health problems myself. I find the series quite emotional and hard to watch sometimes, but it is good for people to watch how people go throught the illness.