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Extreme OCD Camp

A two-parter, BBC Three's Extreme OCD Camp follows six young sufferers as they travel to Seattle in the US for a radical treatment programme (their words, not ours). Do Tweet us, or tell us via Facebook or our forums what you think of the programmes, and we will add some of your comments here.


  1. At last the media is covering OCD in a realistic, non-exploitative and informative way. The bravery of those who took part should never be underestimated. I just wish that anyone who has involvement with anyone who has been diagnosed with OCD, could have access to the programmes to see how it affects peoples lives. They could not fail to be full of admiration and respect at the determination the participants showed in order to attempt to overcome the condition.
  2. My 10 year old son has OCD and we're waiting for treatment. He is almost as severe as Jack on the programme so I'm watching with interest and hope, wondering what on earth could have triggered such extreme behaviour? I hope they cover possible causes as we're in turmoil after rapid increase of symptoms over the past 4 weeks. :-(
  3. Great programme. It shows the problems well. My OCD is intrusive thoughts. It was also a well made documetory in and of its self.
  4. Great programme. My 11 year old son suffers with severe OCD. I found it very helpful to watch.....especially as it led me to your website which is very informative and helpful. Thank you
  5. Brilliant Brilliant thank God we are finally being listened to and diagnosed. Im 52 and ive suffered MH problems most of my life (being bullied from a young age at school). Everyone on this programme is amazing, you are all so brave, the young girl who has to touch especially gets to me as I have been terrified with unwanted thoughts like hers, mostly, at last I was given medication 8 years ago and its helped. but the terror is still there. Godbless xxxxx
  6. superb programme . and yes cbt and erp does work, ive been free for over 6 years now .