'The Message' with 'Taht el Saytara' awareness event at AUC

Actress Jamila Awad and writer Mariam Naoum spoke about addiction and their ramadan series 'Taht El Saytara" to the AUC community at Mouataz Al Alfi on Sunday 8th of November.


  1. When asked to cover an event, at first we found it challenging to find an appropriate and appealing one that we would be interested in attending and covering. We then came across this post that seemed to circulate social accounts that were related with some of AUC's vast organizations such as CIMAL.
  2. The wait is finally over!! 26th CIMAL Presents: THE MESSAGE with Taht el Saytara. #تحت_السيطرة #IsItWorthIt? #ItsNotOnlyDrugs 💃💃💃
    The wait is finally over!! 26th CIMAL Presents: THE MESSAGE with Taht el Saytara. #تحت_السيطرة #IsItWorthIt? #ItsNotOnlyDrugs 💃💃💃
  3. Our group; Nouran Ibrahim, Monica Ayad, and Christina Mikhail arrived at "The Message" event before hand to set up the equipment and reserve well positioned places.
  4. The event was scheduled to start at 6 p.m. About ten minutes later it was announced that there would be a delay, without clarifying how long would it be.
  5. As time passed, attendees began to pick up desserts from Nino's bakery who offered a variety of cupcakes, dessert jars, and pop cakes. Red bull also began to distribute their drinks.
  6. It already became half past six and the event did not begin. Should CIMAL have ensured that the guest speakers arrive before the event to ensure that there would be no delay? Or is it the guest speakers fault? Traffic?
  7. Omar Sadek and Mai Seoud, CIMAL representatives and event interviewers, introduce starlet Jamila Awad and writer Mariam Naoum by mentioning brief backgrounds and previous works.
  8. Writer and scenarist Mariam Naoum said that although the series was mainly about drug addiction, it was also meant to show the viewers that addiction may come in many forms that are just as harmful and need he public's awareness.
  9. Characters Aly and Hania were in a very controversial relationship in the ramadan series. Hania was in high school and Aly was a young man who is way older than her. Both were very troubled before they met, however they became worse as they went deeper in their relationship.
  10. According to Awad's perspective, the audience must have fell in love with Aly and Hania because of the way they loved each other and how they were fun and adventurous together.
  11. Awad said that she had to fully understand everything about drug addicts to be able to professionally depict them through Hania's character. In an interview conducted with her after the event, she also stated how challenging it was for her to walk into a drug addicts shoes without jduging them and having to genuinly feel what they were physically and psychologically going through througout their addiction.