City of Boston goes on pothole-filling spree

Potholes are most prevalent in March, when melting conditions create pits in pavement. We invited residents to help locate potholes, ramping up the effort using social media. Residents reported via the Citizens Connect app, and using the hashtag #SpotHoles on Twitter.

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  1. March in Boston means the Red Sox at spring ...
  2. You might say we went on a pothole "safari..."
  3. Crews at work in South Boston today, as the City of Boston launched its spring campaign, "SpotHoles," to encourage constituents to help us crowdsource even more pothole reports during the melty month...
  4. Within just a few days, we hit our first milestone:
  5. Keep up the good work, Boston!
  6. Spotholes Campaign Launch
  7. This was also a great opportunity to try some new pothole-filling techniques. It's our hope that over the next six months, one of three trial methods will help us find greener, longer-lasting pothole solutions. Here's one example:
  8. Nicholas Barron of HOLEPATCH LLC, places two ...
  9. Here's a video of what happens when we take your report:
  10. What happens with your pothole request?
  11. And here's where it goes from there:
  12. We hope you'll continue to report issues around the city through every season, from potholes to streetlights and graffiti. Using our suite of reporting tools, you can help improve your neighborhood year-round by using the Citizens Connect app, tweeting to @NotifyBoston, live web chat, calling the 24-hotline at (617) 635-4500 and more. Find a convenient option at the link below. Thanks, and we're looking forward to hearing from you!