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The Hunt for Tweets

It was the 4th of March, 2015. My partner @nadakhaled and I, spent the day running around campus and chasing people for pictures and quotes, while attempting to maintain our sanity. It initially seemed like a next to impossible task, but then we owned that hunt!


  1. Dr. Kim Fox had told us about the scavenger hunt, a week prior. She didn't give us any details but she gave us an idea of what to expect. A somewhat vague idea that ignited some feelings of excitement and more feelings of anxiety.
  2. As soon as we read through the list of requirements, we panicked. After a few seconds of that, my partner and I got up and got to work.
  3. Upon finishing the first task on the list, we learned that some students on campus actually do use social media to get news. They don't all think it's just there for chatting purposes.
  4. Moving on to the second task, we ran from Jameel to TBS looking for a professor who will give us her/his quote and picture. Aside from a professor who wasted a few minutes of our time before she refused to take a picture, we found Dr. Melaney who was happy to pose for one and share his opinion on social media with us!
  5. My partner and I then found ourselves around Auntie Anne's where a few students were gathered around a table, eating and enjoying their time. One of the students agreed to take a picture and explained why she loves Auntie Anne's so much.
  6. On the topic of favorite places on campus, my partner said her favorite place at AUC is the L'Aroma.
  7. Different students have different reasons for why somewhere on campus is their favorite place, The place I like most on campus is the garden by the dorms. It's my favorite place on campus, frankly, because it's so secluded and I don't have to deal with too many people. A cup of coffee, a book and that garden are all that's needed to make huge gaps, easy to deal with.
  8. And no, this isn't my best picture. But it is what it is. We were losing time, panicking and sweating, gimme a break!
  9. We found a few students hanging around the gardens so we decided to ask them what school spirit meant to them.
  10. On our way out of the garden to the gym, we took a different route, one we believed would quickly take us to the gym. On our way there, we discovered something we didn't know about AUC. Had it been for this assignment, we might have never found out about the AUC memory wall!
  11. Other students discovered some new things too!
  12. Fortunately for us, when we got to the gym, there were a few students using the facilities provided. So, we asked a student what he thought about the AUC gym. The response wasn't as pleasant as we thought it would be.