Male entitlement, GamerGate, MRAs, PUAs and #RooshIsARapist

It's been about 24 hours since I started getting the #RooshIsARapist ball rolling, & its acquired a life of its own. I originally made it because I kept seeing news outlets referring to Roosh as a "controversial blogger"; which is so vague and weasel-wordy that it's basically meaningless.


  1. The hashtag gained a fair bit of momentum and a handful of people on it started calling out Amazon for selling Roosh's books, which are basically rape manuals. He talks about pushing women when they say no and talks about sleeping with women who are too drunk to give consent.
  2. I wrote a bit more about Roosh V and his relationship to GamerGate over on What Is GamerGate Currently Ruining.
  3. (Sarah Nyberg is a fucking gem and if you aren't following her you should be.)