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#JRMC202 the Twitter Scavenger Hunt Assignment

The Twitter Scavenger Hunt was an on campus assignment, where we had to go around campus in a team of two to fulfil certain tasks and share them on Twitter.


  1. This assignment was under the supervision of Prof. Kim Fox.
  2. My colleague and I started the assignment with an introductory tweets, to let the world know what the proceeding tweets are all about by using #JRMC202 and #JRLWeb

  3. Here are our core tweets: 

  4. And that's another opinion about question number 1. 
  5. These are my top four favorite tweets from my classmates:

  6. This is a very interesting answer!
    I partially agree with Prof. Roonie Close, yet I think it varies from a person to another.
  7. Somehow this picture shows the beauty of our campus.
  8. Did you know about that? Because personally I didn't.