DDmedTrans - Non-emergency medical transportation


  1. Inthe entire USA, there are many companies that are proving NEMT services. DD MedTrans Inc. is one of the native non-emergency medical transportation brokers,who deliver nationwide transportation rides into the nation with a quick andsafest transportation ride services. Weare committed to provide a high quality and effective services to our clientsin the USA. Our main goal is to promote a good health and safe medical transportation in Arizona.

  2. Non-Emergency Medical transportation defines medical transportation services provided to theindividual who is not in an emergency but needs an assistant to move one placeto another one. These transportation services are stretcher transportation,wheelchair transportation, air ambulance medical transportation, ambulancemedical transportation etc. which are more comfortable as compared to hiring ataxi. We offer the following services nationwide, 24 hours per day, 7 days perweek, and 365 days per year.

  3.  Ambulatory / Assisted Transportation
     Wheelchair Transportation
     Stretcher Transportation
     Air Ambulance Transportation

  4. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services:
     Physical Therapy
     Dialysis Centers
     Hospital Discharges
     Routine medical appointment
     Doctors’ Appointments
     Dentist Appointments
     for getting education
     Clinics and Hospitals

  5. Non-Emergency Transportatio Services are provided as per the customer’s requirement and alsoprovides personal assistance during such transportation travel around. Weprovide services in affordable, safe, secure & professional transportationwith qualified doctor’s and driver, at a low price.

  6. Ifyou have any questions you can call at our Toll-Free number 866-220-3834 OR visit our website: ddmedtrans.com