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  2. Top 2017 Spring Summer Fashion Trends

  3. Summer is definitely an exciting season for the fashion professionals and enthusiasts simply because it is a nup beat and colorful season. And let's face it, stripes and florals are among the classics of the season. You can never take away the overwhelming stripes and florals to dominate the spring/summer season. But other than the classics, what are the looks you should watch out for? Check them out here to know more.

    1. The Bright Colors

    It's summer and you need to bring fun and vibrance into your OOTD! Fashion professionals are now into designing and donning a LOT of pink and other bright colors to match the exciting season.Paris Fashion Week is full of bright, bold and shocking shades and they are created by the some of the most popular designer brands including Balenciaga and Valentino. And don't be afraid to bring a rainbow of bright colors on the street because it will be the next big thing for 2017.’

    2. The 80s Vibe

    The '80s season will make a huge comeback in 2017 with a whole new character. You should definitely watch out for sky-high stilettos, high-shine fabrics and nipped waists laced with giant belts. And yes, Saint Laurent's Anthony Vaccarello is definitely setting the mood for the '80s redux and the fashion police will love this fashion trend.

    3. The Peekaboo See-Through

    Dior, Molly Goddard, Valentino and Osman are bringing the see-through in motion. Actually, it really makes sense considering that it can be both a party outfit and a daily OOTD. Take for example Filly Flair and other fashion stores, they rock the peekaboo see-through and are bringing it down the mainstream fashion industry. On the other hand, you need to know that Filly Flair offers excellent products including see-through maxi dresses and tops that you will surely love.
  4. Show Your Own Style: The Steps on How to Become a Successful Fashion Designer

  5. Every aspiring fashion designer takes inspiration to the achievement of famous designers all over the globe who started with humble beginnings. Making it to the top of this industry and becoming a fashion designer whose work is recognized could be a huge test for any ambitious fashion designer.However, if you are geared with the right skills, knowledge and creative mind,your success is a possibility.

    Thus, to help you achieve your dream, here are essential steps to become a successful fashion designer.

    Learn From School or Experience

    There are two ways to begin your ride in achieving your goals. First, educate yourself about fashion by entering a university and second,learn from first-hand experiences in designing. If you want to learn more about fashion, you can enroll at a school of your choice. However, learning at a fashion school is a bit expensive; thus, if you have no budget to get classes you can always go to the alternative route such as starting a boutique of cheap bridesmaids dresses, tops or any outfits.

    Make Your Own Fashion

    One key to become a successful fashion designer is to leave your mark in this industry. You have to use your artistic and creative mind. Also, do not be afraid of unleashing your creativity. Let the world see your style and make them recognize your name through your work. Plus, being unique in this industry is a good point in earning popularity and recognition.

    Know the Ins and Outs of Business

    Fashion is also a business. This entails that you have to learn your way on how to start a business. Asking for guidance from fashion designers you know and doing your own research to educate yourself on dealing with fashion business are effective approaches to begin your boutique.
    You can start the story of your success with Filly Flair.

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