A Nelida from Llamellní

This is a glimpse of Nélida's journey to become mayor of Antonio Raimondi.

  1. Nélida Silva Vidal was born in Llamellin, the capital of the Antonio Raimondi province, in the department of Ancash, an Andean zone far from the Peruvian capital, Lima. When she was still young, she left for Lima, to become an accountant. Later, she migrated once again, this time to New York, to pursue a business administration degree.
  2. Llamellin Fiesta Patronal
  3. Nélida worked in New York as an researcher of economic crimes in the Attorney's Office of Brooklyn and as an advisor to women entrepreneurs. She is also a dancer— she co-founded the Peru Folk Ballet group, based in New Jersey.
  4. TEDxAmazônia - Nelida Silva dança com a vida, entre o Peru e Nova York - Nov.2010
  5. In 2014, after years of living abroad, Nelida Silva settles again in Llamellin to formalize her candidacy for the Mayor's Office of the province of Antonio Raimondi, representing the Ancashina Nationalist Union party.
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  7. On May 14, 2014, Nelida writes on his official Facebook page:
  8. "Dear Raimondinos and Raimondinas, this is our official Facebook page, here we will upload the work activities for our province. I invite you to share, comment and suggest ideas that will help us guide the true development that our people need.
    Nélida Silva Vidal".
  9. Nélida writes on June 3, 2014:
    When one makes different and important decisions in life, it's not a matter of "destiny" or "luck"; it's rather an act of changing our way of thinking. It's to have the audacity to face a situation, it's to put on glasses that let's you see different colors and have a great vision.
    And so was my decision to be a candidate for Mayor of my province; to have a different vision of how "could" be my people if we gave them the opportunity to develop their full potential; to descend from the seats of criticism and to enter the stage and be a protagonist for changes. To be willing to spend more than 8 hours a day in constant struggle, having found happiness in giving and delivering. To have the sensitivity to work for a community, finding alternative solutions to their needs and problems; to develop a high dose of frustration tolerance, and most importantly, to have a wide network of family, friends and important contacts that are always on our side, providing support and strength day by day.
    Thanks to all of you who support me in this new journey that I have taken, thanks to my beautiful family who organized a fellowship lunch on June 1. Thanks to all my beautiful people who were present in the same and also to those who from the distance were with me spiritually.
    I also want to thank my opponents and critics because they are the best coaches I could have to strengthen my muscles of tolerance and compassion.
    Simply THANK YOU".
  11. Aczo, Peru: Fiesta Patronal - Nelida de Llamellin
  12. In the following interview, Nelida presents her proposals for Antonio Raimondi.

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  16. Disconnected from the political and economic groups of the region, Nelida sought alternative channels to finance her campaing. Her relation to the United States gave her an idea: to solicit funds from friends and followers from the north of the continent through a crowdfunding campaign.
  17. They collected the $5,000 that were as a campaign goal. The money was used to cover the expenses of the visits to the different towns. In addition, the funds raised went to the licenses and tools necessary for the production of a radio show, the purchase of paint and payment of painters to promote the campaign in wall on the street (a traditional form of marketing in the Andes region), and to purchase gifts for the communities.
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  20. "Open your eyes and look at yourself. Are you satisfied with the life you are living? Bob Marley.
    Photo of the actual market of Llamellin, the capital of Antonio Raimondi".
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  22. "A feeling grows!!! This October 5, mark the hands".
    On October 5, 2014, the elections were held. However, Nelida didn't win. Felix "Pachi" Lora, of the Alliance for Progress Party, was elected as Mayor.
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