Sheepskin Clothing, Perfect For Winter Chills

This article talks about how effective sheepskin is for keeping warm, and how it is also a great looking material.


  1. If you're interested in keeping super warm this Autumn/Winter, have you taken a look at sheepskin clothing? Not only does it look great, sheepskin clothing is going to be a fantastic way to keep the warmth in through this upcoming winter weather. Not everyone likes the winter, I have to say that I personally enjoy the differences in temperature and climate. After a long hot summer, I can't wait to get a bit of that cold weather.
  2. Sheepskin clothing was so effective at keeping people warm that pilots used to wear it in world war II to keep their warmth in the draughty planes that they had to fly at high altitudes.
  3. There are even sites where you can get yourself a pair of cosy sheepskin slippers, I mean how can you go wrong with that? Wrapped up in a blanket with your sheepskin slippers sitting by the fire, you just can't go wrong.