A Look Into The Latest Fashion

Just a little look into the ladies fashion happenings of this Autumn and Winter season.


  1. Fashion trends are changing all of the time, that's what makes them trends. But sometimes it's just hard to keep up, when you've got a busy life at work and at home. You've just go no time to keep up on the trends! I will help you discover what is actually going on.
  2. We're looking at the Autumn to Winter season now, this means that we'll be looking at reds and more reds as the coldness comes to meet us. I do like my reds and blacks in the Autumn, just wait until things get really cold and you can see your breath in the air.
  3. Place Vendome lady style
    Place Vendome lady style
  4. I'm actually liking the look of red tartan, I think this year I'll get a combination going of some red tartan, black leggings and of course a beautiful black scalf. You have to get the right clothes for the job. Infact, there are a few places I need to visit. Pink Rooster is usually pretty good for ladies fashion, and also maggie and co.