Profile Photo's and Competency in Coding

In Which I Use PhotoFeeler to Find The Right Photo and Discover Sexism Instead


  1. It started after reading an article which mentioned PhotoFeeler. Photofeeler allows you to upload a photo and get real people to rate it. Once you've uploaded a photo, you can type in your current job title, and any specialties you have. You also must select what you are using that photo for (Professional Network, Social Network, Dating Site). In order to run on analytics on it, you must use points. You can either buy points, or earn them by rating other people's photo's. I chose to do the later. I ran tests that got 40 responses to them, meaning that for each photo I had to rank 40 photo's myself. You can rate on 3 axes, and either use pre-selected comments or write your own. I exclusively used "LinkedIn" as my network, and "Web Developer" as my title and "Ruby on Rails" as my specialty. The professional network criteria were "competent" "influential" and "likeable."
  2. I uploaded 4 photo's intially, trying honestly to figure out which one was best. I then did a lot of tests, and waited for the results to trickle in.
  3. A common problem for women in any field, we seem even the slightest bit assertive, we can be competent, but we suddenly are the "office b*tch", a problem men in any field don't have.
  4. I understand that a lot of people think I look underage, but how does that affect my coding? We glorify young prodigies who are men.
  5. Again, I have no clue how me looking pretty does or does not translate into solid working code.