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Night\Shift\2014 \\ Sat\Nov\1st

Kitchener's second annual nocturnal adventure festival was an action-packed community-building blast!


  1. As the longest night of the year dwindles and the days begin to slowly, imperceptibly grow in size and intensity, I’d like to thank the local folks, businesses and organizations that made Night\Shift 2014 an unbeatable antidote to the chilly moonlight stealing an hour off our clocks again.
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  3. So you know who's thanking: here's me alongside one of Night\Shift's hugest boosters, Kitchener Mayor Berry Vrbanovic.
  4. I created Night\Shift in 2013 because I knew downtown Kitchener had all of the ingredients to make and support a #KWawesome nuit blanche-style one-night-only walkable art party. The core contains interesting architecture and communal spaces, smart and ambitious creators, a healthy local appetite for experiential art. In just two years, my community has gone way out of its way to prove me prescient.
  5. Another humungous festival supporter nailed its essence in not a lot of words:
  6. So many thanks to the local publications and individuals who captured details, described experiences and shared their take on the second annual Night\Shift. Your efforts to preserve the moments that grabbed your attention and imagination let us all see how we can subtly restitch the fabric of our city.
  7. Two incredible and indispensable Night\Shift sponsors whose contributions literally reveal Kitchener in a new light are Christie and Sherwood Systems.

    International projection tech powerhouse Christie screened artists' creations at a half-dozen festival attractions, and the Kitchener-based company has been a generous supporter of both versions of Night\Shift as a Luminary Sponsor.

    Similarly, Sherwood Systems brought technical expertise and a truckload of equipment to another half-dozen spots in the festival landscape, remixing random outdoor venues with illumination, amplification and projection.

    Both companies empowered and collaborated with some fabulous local artists, including the cast and crew behind Samarian Woman 28, whose Water Stories immersed hundreds of festival explorers in the Kitchener City Hall rotunda.