Where Does Your Garden Salad Grow?

A story about how I learned where San Francisco Bay Area produce comes from in our changing climate


  1. If you frequent Chipotle, then you're probably familiar with this idea:

  2. In fact, adding avocado (and certain other produce items) costs extra at many eateries.

  3. I've always been prepared and willing to pay extra for avocado, but before starting this project, I hadn't really thought about why I have to.

  4. I then began thinking about where I can get an avocado (or any fruit or vegetable) from. The obvious answer for me was "the supermarket." But where does the supermarket get the produce from and how far does it have to travel to get there?

  5. Where can we get produce in San Francisco?

  6. The following map marks local grocery stores, produce markets, farmer's market, and community gardens. You can also see how far each of the fruits/veggies featured in the pictures above have traveled. (Note: This map does not mark all stores, markets, gardens, etc. in SF)
  7. How can we bring produce closer to home?

  8. One option is community gardens.