Laurel Mountain Teaching Superheros Head to Confratute

This past July, ten Laurel Mountain Elementary teachers attending Confratute at the University of Connecticut. Confratute is the longest running week-long summer institute on the Schoolwide Enrichment Model and enrichment based differentiated teaching.


  1. We started things off right with a Keynote Address from Ms. Math on Sunday night. 80 years young!
  2. On Monday, we were inspired by Joe and Sally. They emphasized that learning should be fun and based on students' interests. To that we say, "AMEN!"
  3. Of course, we had some fun at night.
  4. All of us enjoyed the great weather in Connecticut.
  5. It is energizing and motivational to learn from all of the SEM experts...Del Seigle, Marcia Gentry, Dr. Rachel McAnallen, Dr. Joe Renzulli, Dr. Sally Reis, Rick Courtright, Rebecca Eckert, Susan Baum to name a few.
  6. And we had some more fun at night at the Confratute Social Hours on the Patio.
  7. Some of us learned about SEM-R.
  8. While some of us learned how to make learning fun for students (and teachers) by bringing CSI into the classroom.
  9. Mr. Jurecka learned more about Makerspace (more exciting news about Makerspace and LME coming soon!).