#TEDTalentSearch in Nairobi

The global hunt for TED Global speakers in 2013 was in Nairobi this past weekend, and my oh my,what inspiration there was! The speakers' lineup was fantastic, and theirs were all ideas worth spreading. Here are some highlights. (Look out for the videos come end June, on www.ted.com)


  1. Dayo highlighted how the African narrative on development and her advancement is largely focused on 'formal' institutions, yet it's the 'informal' ones that carry the continent through, and she went on to give this example:
  2. Next up was Rob Burnett, of A Well Told Story, the well told story being the award-winning Shujaaz FM.
  3. Dr. Paula Kahumbu then took to the stage and projected her passion for wildlife conservation. She made a compelling case for the human and lions conflict(humans retaliating against lions for livestock killed) leading to one of Kenya's greatest wildlife attractions almost becoming extinct!

     Then came 13 year old Richard Turere, whose simple yet brilliant invention has seen him conserve both lions and his family's cattle.(Dare I say, he moved many a member of the audience to tears and a very long standing ovation...)

    Read more on Richard's invention here.
  4. And then Richard walked onto stage having been introduced to the audience via a moving documentary: Lion Lights.
  5. While trying to fortify food security all across Africa, Professor Mary Onyango highlighted the competitive advantage that indigenous plants offer.
  6. Abdul Kassim, founder of the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy had a very simple yet profound message: the missing link between aid and development,its advance especially: dialogue.