1. Over the Air 2016 - Day 1

  2. Hadley Beeman starts the day providing insight on topics we've all be discussing recently.
  3. Sam Machin shares his SMS knowledge covering a number of things you probably didn't know you could do with SMS. From flash messages to updating your phones voicemail indicator. Sorry, Documentally!
  4. Democracy and politics, not a theme you see at all tech events, is the subject of another talk at OTA2016. This time by @floppy. Documentally caught up with him afterwards for a summary. Check out somethingnew.org.uk/ for more information.
  5. Next, @Documentally caught up with Joe Nash (@jna_sh), Student Programme Manager at GitHub, to talk GitHub, Git, students, stickers and the origin of the Octocat!
  6. Andy Piper (@andypiper) from Twitter demos the very cool Time SQUAIR.
  7. More cool IoT from @sigfox.
  8. Sam Machin demos his AlexaPi - yep, Amazon Alexa accessible from a Raspberry Pi.
  9. There's a hackathon running throughout Over the Air 2016. Here's a peak at the prizes we're giving away. Best use of our APIs get some awesome gadgetry.
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