Why do so many people get their old cameras fixed?

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  1. Why do so many people get their old cameras fixed? Well quite simply new cameras have a relatively short life span and don't have the quality feel of the older ones. If you take a 1970's Olympus OM-1 for example you can feel it was designed to last a life time. The same goes for an Olympus OM-2, Nikon FM or FE, Canon FT-b or F1, Rolleiflex 3.5f, Zeiss Super Ikonta, Leica M3 etc. etc. These cameras do however need careful maintenance and the occasional repair which we happen to do. The other factor is value. If you buy a modern 12 mega pixel camera today in a few weeks a 15 mega pixel camera will be on sale at a lower price, so you loose out straight away and they generally have a low value when you try to sell it a few years down the line. Now if you buy or have a 1970's or 80's camera you can use it for say 20 years and if you keep it in good condition then in a lot of cases it will command a good price if you come to sell it. But why sell it? The best camera have been made, never to be repeated, so keep them in good condition have them serviced by us - Newton Ellis & Co. and enjoy photography.

    The other very popular type of camera is the TLR (twin lens reflex) such as the Rolleiflex, Rolleicord, Yashica Mat, Mamiya C330, Zeiss Ikoflex, Voigtlander Superb and the Microcord. Most of them use 120 film (6x6). The Rolleiflex in particular has become very collectible and some models such as the 3.5f and 2.8f are very sought after and command a high price. These cameras do need servicing correctly and many people from all over the world send them to us for our expert knowledge and servicing techniques.

    Digital cameras do have their place. In fact we get lots of them in for repair and cleaning, that’s why we like them! You can not treat a modern digital SLR in the same way as ones mentioned above. The older cameras are usually made of metal which will take the odd knock without too much internal damage. In fact we had a customer in the 1980’s who used Olympus OM-2n cameras and used to hang of the back seat of a motor bike photographing other motor bikes speeding around a track and many times the camera would be dropped and rolled in the mud. We didn’t look forward to getting these in but hey no problem they helped pay the bills. He would bring it in to us so we could strip it down, bend a few things back in to place, put it together and off he would go chasing motor bikes again.
    The modern digital camera has lots of electronics in side which will cause a problem if it has impact such as being dropped or knocked. In fact they are totally dependent on the electronics that if it has a fault even a minor fault it may not work at all. So treat them carefully and contact us if you need a camera repair or the sensor cleaning.