Congressman John Lewis Embarrasses Himself with Racist Speech at DNC Convention

It's sickening that someone that marched with Dr Martin Luther King Jr sided with the ones that hated King and used fire hoses on our brothers and sisters...Shameful

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  1. I didn't get to watch the speech but I came across many people that were upset that John Lewis at the behest of his slave masters would come on TV and act a fool. This man sided with the party that hosed our brothers and sisters during the civil rights movement. He joined the Democratic party along with many of the old congressional black caucus members and locked hands with our oppressors only to transform that racist DNA today against the Republican Party. 
  2. The race bating coming out of this convention and from the DNC is disgusting. Biden: "They want to put ya'll back in chains". I believe it was Democrats that opposed civil rights! And also Democratic Party hosted Robert Byrd the leader of the KKK in the DNC! Not only is it race bating but comparisons of many top republican men and women to Hitler and the Nazis directly from members of the DNC!
  3. Democrats can't and will never be able to own up to the fact that they are the party of Racism. They project racism onto others to hide their history but it will always be with them whether or not they want to believe it or not.
  4. This is just plain insane. This country has come incredibly far in the past 50 years and is now perhaps the most multi-cultural country in the history of the planet, and we have to up with the race baiters and class warriors, who by the way shield the crony capitalists.
  5. Ga. Rep John Lewis, one of the original 'Freedom Riders' that challenged segregation, just addressed the DNC. He just told his story, and then directly suggested that electing Romney would take us back to those days. You were a hero for equal rights, sir. And now you are a coward. A coward for running to the race card when we need leadership. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, sir. (On MSNBC now) Just shameful...
  6. Really?? Rep. John Lewis just pulled the race card saying that if we don't vote for obama we will go back to 1961! This is truly sicking that leaders in this country us these tactics! Rep. John Lewis and DNC. Should be truly ashamed of themselves. Because this mentality is what keeps us in 1961!
  7. The speech was an utter portrayal of a over the hill black congressional leader fight the wrong people and defending the slave master that has kept the black community enslaved to social programs and dependency!