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Sweet Brown - Imitation is the 'sweetest' form of flattery

New remixes have surfaced! Lucas Ross caught up with Sweet Brown and brought her some cold pop. Since last Saturday Sweet Brown has become an internet sensation with cumulative views in the millions. Here are a few of the best remixes. The first video is the original.


  1. No time for Bronchitis - Funny news sound bite
  2. Sweet Brown gets Cold Pop
  3. Sweet Brown Escapes Fire - No Time For Bronchitis - Cartoon Version
  4. I Got Bronchitis (music video) feat. Sweet Brown
  5. Sweet Brown Bronchitis Jazz Remix Version
  6. Sweet Brown bronchitis Official Music Video!!!!
  7. Sweet Brown Hall & Oats Remix - Aint Nobody Got Time for That!
  8. Sweet Brown: Cold Pop Remix
  9. Sweet Brown (REMIX) No time for bronchitis!!!
  10. It's a Fire Sweet Brown & Jesse Smith Remix 2012!
  11. Sweet Brown Remix - "I Got-Got-Got-Got-Got Bronchitis"
  12. Sweet Brown: No time for bronchitis (drunk remix)
  13. Sound Bite of the Century - No time for Bronchitis
  14. Sweet Brown - Bronchitis (Remix/Beat)
  15. No Time For Bronchitis DUBSTEP AUTOTUNE REMIX
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