Elliot Rodger's deleted comments on the BodyBuilding.com forum

Below are links to backed up copies via scrible of the now deleted posts by Elliot Rodger on the Bodybuilding.com forum. I stored them for when Google cache inevitably deletes them.


  1. Originally published May 24 @ 7:26 PM EDT. Updated May 24 @ 11:56 PM EDT to include additional comments from the Bodybuilding.com forum as well as Elliot Rodger's blog post on his blogspot and his Google+ About page
  2. forum thread: If a girls swallows, does that make her a keeper? 5/19/2013

  3. You're only 5'6 and you have a girlfriend? I think you're a liar.
  4. This sad loser makes a thread to brag about his girlfriend, but his girlfriend is probably a 4'11 fat whale.
  5. Elliot Rodger's Official Blog: Lonely in Santa Barbara 4/16/2014

  6. Being lonely in a beautiful place like Santa Barbara is truly a horrible experience. As I've said many times, a beautiful environment can be the darkest hell if you have to experience it all alone, especially while having to watch other men walking around with their girlfriends. I wish girls were attracted to me. I don't know why they aren't.
  7. Elliot Rodger - About - Google+

  8. forum thread: Anyone here have an average penis and still get girls? 4/20/2014

  9. The average is 5.5? I thought it was 4. This is very unsettling.
  10. forum thread: Had a friend in HS who banged prob 15 virgins and never talked to them after... 4/20/2014

  11. That's the problem with women. They are attracted to the worst kinds of men. They all have some sort of mental illness.
  12. forum thread: I made a Youtube Vlog about being FA 4/20/2014

  13. I posted this earlier, but someone deleted the thread a few minutes after for an unknown reason. I haven't used this website much, but I am aware that there are a lot of men here who struggle with women, calling yourselves "FA". I just uploaded a Vlog on Youtube, expressing to the world about my FA troubles and why my life is unfair. I would like to share this with the FA community on here, as I'm sure many of you can relate. I can't provide a link because I need 50 posts for that. To watch the video, search on Youtube: "Why do girls hate me so much?", and you'll see my vlog, under this same name.
  14. forum thread: This is trending on twitter right now (pic) 5/18/2014 page 11

  15. forum thread: A woman should be treated better. We should have more women rights. 5/18/2014

  16. Women don't deserve rights. They are evil, sadistic beasts who whore themselves out to degenerate men and ignore the men who actually deserve them.
  17. forum thread: How do you deal with hate? 5/18/2014

  18. All you can do is embrace it. Let the hatred empower you.
  19. forum thread: I'm tired of seeing losers with hot chicks 5/18/2014

  20. I'm tired of seeing losers with hot chicks Seriously, today at my college I saw this short, ugly Indian guy driving a Honda civic, and he had a hot blonde girl in his passenger seat. What on earth is up with that?!?!? I would climb mount Everest 10 times just to have a girl like that with me. I drive a BMW coupe and I've struggled all my life to get a girlfriend. What's wrong with this world? Does anyone else get disturbed and offended when you see sights like this? Someone make sense of this ridiculousness.
  21. I wasn't being racist. I mentioned his race to make a point.
  22. You're just jealous of my beautiful eyes and cheekbones.
  23. My parents discovered the videos, so I temporarily took them down. They will be back up in a few days, along with more videos I've filmed.