Rick and Andrew's road trip to Expo West

Follow along as Rick Polito and Andrew Pittz make their way to Anaheim, exploring the connection between American agriculture and the dietary supplement and functional foods industries along the way.

  1. Day 1, Boulder, CO - The trip begins in the parking lot of New Hope Network

  2. Boulder, Day 1: Expo West Road Trip '17 explained in under two minutes.

  3. Day 1, I-25, Colorado - Andrew and Rick are off to a singing start.

  4. DAY 1, Berthoud, Co - Music to grow hemp by at Elite Botanicals

  5. Day 1, IColorado-Wyoming Border - NOW Foods CEO Jim Emme says the connection between farms and the supplement industry could be stronger.

  6. Day 1, Cheyenne, WY, Bindweed - It's the new kale!!

  7. DAY 1, Cheyenne, WY Jello, as it was never mean tto be served.
  8. Day 1, Cheyenne, WY - Leonard Mosher started growing organic wheat in the 1990s and built a transportation and storage system to help other farmers. Now he worries that organics from other countries are making it difficult for American farmers to do the right thing and stay organic.

  9. Day 1, Highway 80, Wyoming Naturopathic Doctor Michelle Simon talks about why country of origin matters for the supplements she recommends, and what she tells her patients.

  10. #exporoadtrip17 Michelle Simon on supplements and confidence
  11. Day 1, Laramie, WY -Dr. Anowar Islam says American-grown quinoa could be profitable for farmers and healthy for consumers. America is the biggest consumer of quinoa, but little is grown here. The obstacles are few. Fine tuning the growing strategy is vital, Islam says. "You can't grow what you don't know."

  12. Day 1, Laramie, WY - Quinoa and fenugreek seeds from an ancient crop that could be new, and lucrative, opportunities for American farmers.

  13. Day 2, Evanston, WY - The drives ends 80 miles short of Salt Lake City. We learned about Wyoming as the next kingdom of Quinoa, the science of industrial hemp flour, the magical properties of bindweed and how better infrastructure and practical logistics changed the dynamic for organic grain farmers on the prairie. A dozen interviews, two greenhouses, two labs, 450 miles and some Sherwin WiIliams jello. Also: taxidermy.

  14. Scott Steinford: "we are all farmers."
  15. Day 1, I-80, WY - The "real America" we keep hearing about.

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